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Mabinogi Duel is a collectible card game with exciting PvP matches against players from around the globe. This game, unlike many others in the genre, plays with the screen held vertically and features an eye-catching visual style. The gameplay in Mabinogi Duel is similar to other competitive card games: on each turn you can summon creatures to the table in order to achieve your goal of reducing the enemy life points to zero. Plus, you can cast a variety of spells that will help you with the task of taking down your enemies. The cards in Mabinogi Duel are divided into various decks similar to the ever popular Magic: The Gathering. As a result, you can take part in exciting duels with medieval fantasy characters like elves, orcs, and the other usual suspects. Mabinogi Duel is an excellent card game that brings with it the Nexon seal of quality found on all of their works. The game features a cast of more than 1,000 cards to discover, which you can exchange with players around the world. It also has a fun campaign mode that will help you get used to the rules of the game, acquire new cards, and enjoy an interesting story filled with curious characters. To enhance your adventure and maximize your joy of the game, you are recommended to Buy Cheap Mabinogi Duel Accounts from our list of reputable sellers here at, your transaction remains safe, easy, and secure.