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New Account + 3 Cue Max + Panther Cue

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MUST READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CUE LEVEL MAX IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM MINICLIP New Account With Cue - Cool Cue & Lots of Cash Create Limited Edition Ring Collection Capital Cue Collection Power : 36 Cash : 126 Coins : 185K Pool Pass Rank: MAX Country Cue : - Indonesian Cue Pool Pass Exclusive Cue : - Kingdom Key Cue Evolving Cue : - Wonderland Cue Level 17 Promo Cue: - Panther Cue - Iron Cue - Nemesis Cue - Invisible Cue - Glitch Cue ALL CUE PERMANENT MINICLIP LOGIN ACCOUNT The name can be changed, just link to Facebook and the name will automatically change according to the Facebook profile name. WARNING!!! Do not use cheats, mod apk, or transfer coins to friends via challenge and leave, because they are not safe, and can make your account final warning or banned
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