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Open to offers AR 55 6x5* char CHILDE, KEQING(1), ALBEDO, ZHONGLI(1), GANYU, JEAN(1).All Events and Battle Pass done. All blesses.


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:Multiple 5-Star Account
168 hours
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$ 110 


NOTE: PRINTS OUTDATED, GOT CHILDE AND ROSARIA C0 End-game account from the beginning of the game. Almost all content clear, a lot of resources for leveling up any new characters or weapons you want, a lot of swords for builds Keqing or other characters as you want, artifacts for food and fagile resin for farming when you start playing on it. Male Character, Birthday Set, All past passes bought and bless since the start of the game. Constelattions: C6 Razor C6 Xiang Ling C6 Barbara C6 Fischl C5 Bennet C5 Noelle C4 Ningguang C3 Xingqiu C2 Diona C2 Chongyun C2 Sucrose C1 Zhong Li C1 Keqing C1 Jean C1 Kaeya C1 Beidou Main playable compositions: Keqing, Xiang Ling, Bennett and Barbara. Razor, Albedo, Zhong Li and Diona. Finish asily with no smell the abyss until 10th. Note: Constellations and resources may grow since the account is being played while I'm trying to sell. I'm giving up of my account because I'm migrating to wild rift and need money so feel free to message me with offers.