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Seven 5 Star character,Six c6 4 star(Update Barbara C6),Three 5 star weapon and many more..See Decription.Login Username.Cheap Price..GRAB FAST!!!


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AR 55 WL8 ASIA,Login Username. 5 Star - Diluc C1(90), Zhongli C0(90), Xiao C0(90), Ganyu C0(90), Jean C0(88), Keqing C0(70), Venti C0(90). 4 Star - Beidou C6, Noelle C6, Xinyan C6, Xingqiu C6, Ningguang C6, Barbara C6, Bennet C3, Razor C0, Diona C3, Xiangling C4, Sucrose C2, Chongyun C3, Fischl C1, Kaeya C2, Amber C0, Lisa C1 5 Star Weapon - Staff Of Homa(90), Skyward Pride(90), Skyward Spine(80) 4 Star Weapon See Picture For Refinement Rank. Weapon Banner-32 pull(Pity 50/50 Event Weapon) Character Banner Event - 15 pull(100% Pity Event Char If Pull,History-Pull Keqing On Hu Tao Banner) WELKIN IS ACTIVE - 44 DAYS LEFT BP LEVEL 32 - NOT ACTIVE YET. Friendship Max -Zhongli,Ganyu,Diluc,Venti,Barbara, Anemoculus Max Geoculus Max Reputation Liyue,Monstadt Max. Dragonspine Tree Max.