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EU AR55 - Diluc C1, Ganyu, Zhongli, Venti, Albedo, Jean, Mona, Qiqi, 3x 5star weapons, All 4star characters


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- 5* Characters: Diluc C1 Ganyu C0 Zhongli C0 Venti C0 Albedo C0 Jean C0 Mona C0 Qiqi C0 --------------------------------------------------- - 5* Weapons: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Skyward Blade Skyward Pride --------------------------------------------------- - 4* Characters: Xingqiu C6 Ningguang C6 Fischl C6 Xiangling C6 Barbara C5 Sucrose C3 Bennett C3 Yanfei C3 Chongyun C2 Diona C2 Noelle C2 Razor C2 Xinyan C1 Beidou C1 Amber C1 Lisa C1 Kaeya C0 --------------------------------------------------- - 4* Weapons: Black Sword R2 Viridiscent Hunt R1 Festering Desire R5 Windblume Ode R5 Stringless R2 Rust R1 Blackcliff Pole R1 Prototype Archaic R3 Prototype Amber R4 Sacrificial Sword R3 Sacrificial Bow R1 Favonious Warbow R2 Favonious Sword R1 + more --------------------------------------------------- I'm the original owner of the account. (Next character is guaranteed in the banner) Maxed reputation in Mondstadt and Liyue, Frostbearing Tree maxed aswell; Battlepass level 50, all previous battlepasses have been completed; Account has played every event since release, it has all the crowns and gadgets available; Godtier artifacts, good character stats; Abyss completed 12/12; Exploration progress 100% in all zones of the map. For more info, send me a pvt message or check the screenshots here: