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22 Hour delivery is the maximum time you can wait for your account.Sometimes we sleep,have personal problems and we do not want to lie with 30 minutes or 2 hour delivery.We are here to make the best experience.If we are online we will do the fastest as we can to deliver your account. By purchasing this product you are guaranteed to receive one of these products : "Fortnite Account 1-500 Skins" "Account with Mako" "Account with Marshmello" "Account with Kosoy" By purchasing this product you are guaranteed to receive: Fortnite Game Account It is important to know before buying: We do not guarantee the ability to change mail or nickname. We do not guarantee that you will be able to bind your console to this type of product. We recommend changing the password on your account and adding 2FA. We do not provide refunds for the purchased account.
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