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American AR56: Eula + Song of Broken Pines, Xiao+ Jade Spear, Zhong, klee and more


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$ 440 


American Account AR56 Late game Totally safe buy Total rights on the account The account is not bounded to any device T5 Characters: Klee, Eula, Xiao, Venti, Zhongli, C1 Diluc, C1 Quiqui, Jean T5 Weapons: Song of Broken Pines, Jade WingedSpear, Aquila Favonia, Staff of Home, Skyward Spine, Lost prayer To the sacred winds Perfect combination between T5 Weapons and Characters, Really Strong account Lots of T4 constelations (deep information in the images) Lots of resources Ask anything you need The account has all the top up bonuses. (free to play account)