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!THIS IS ORIGIN ACCOUNT FOR PC! If you have any problems, first let me know. I respond to your messages very quickly, as the network is almost constantly from 10:00 to 21:00 Moscow time ✔️View data: Login: Password ✔️Login is done through the Origin client - ✔️Before buying an account, check the configuration of your PC to meet the minimum game requirements. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements, then we are not responsible for the product you purchase. Agreement: ✔️ By purchasing this product you automatically agree with the seller's rules. ✔️ What is "WARRANTY"? - If you have problems accessing your account, you will receive a replacement. The warranty is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase! ✔️ Changing data is prohibited. ✔️ The region of the account is random, the absence of some localizations is not a warranty case. ✔️ If at least one of the above points does not suit you - please refrain from buying! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ❗ IF HAVE A PROBLEM AFTER PURCHASING THE GOODS ❗: ⭐️ Do not write negative reviews, but first write the problem to the seller! ⭐️ Open the tab: "Correspondence", describe the problem and we will definitely help you. ⭐️ The seller will answer your message within 10 minutes to 24 hours.
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