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8x 5* | 5x 5* Character / 3x 5* Weapon | Zhongli C0, Keqing C1, Diluc C0, Mona C0 | Skyward Harp/Spear, Lost Prayer | 19 Characters / 16x 4* | AR 47

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AR 47 ---------------------------------------- Skyward Harp Skyward Spear Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Keqing (C1) Diluc (C0) Zhongli (C0) Noelle (C5) Barbara (C3) Xinqui (C3) Beidou (C2) Ningaung (C1) Xinyan (C1) Razor (C1) Lisa (C1) Chongyun (C1) Kaeya (C1) Rosaria (C1) Amber (C0) Diona (C0) Bennet (C0) Fischl (C0) Xiangling (C0) + Mona (C0) [I JUST GOT HER SO SHE'S NOT IN THE PICTURES BUT SHE IS ON THE ACCOUNT!!] [THIS MEANS THE NEXT LIMITED 5 STAR IS ALSO GUARENTEED!] BIRTHDAY ALREADY SET! Name changeable! Your own email can be linked! Message me directly on the site for more questions!
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