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V4 >Asia - Cassel3

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:Asia - Cassel3

Delivery method
:Auction House
Please list an item for sale on AuctionHouse,then send me the URL(Please use to upload it) Please set a special price, for example, for 1000 red gems, please set like 1,001 ~ 1,005 in order to avoid the same item and price with others. Trade Market & 5% Sales Fee Not Covered. Notice:Please set the maximum time for your listing item.If you have filled on order,then just forget this message,We will buy the item soon,thanks
Unit Pirce 99.0098 USD / Red Gems
Delivery speed 24 hours
Stock 7890200 Red Gems

- +
1 Red Gems = USD $99.0098 
Price $ 99009.8
Z2u Score 1980196
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