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Game Description

About Super Street: Racer(US)

Super Street: Racer is a fun driving simulation game with plenty of customization options so you can build your perfect car. The races are fast and fluid and, with a few more features and tracks, this could be an even better racing title.

Games in well-established genres have to do one of two things to be successful: do everything just as well as the next racer, or, offer a unique selling point to entice players in. Super Street: Racer strikes a fine balance between the two and, whilst not reinventing the racing wheel, provides a smartly designed and engaging racing experience.  

The similarities between Super Street: Racer and other racing titles are evident, but none more prominent than the Need for Speed series. With everything from traffic dodging to nitrous boosts, there are comparisons to be drawn at every turn. All that is missing are the bells and whistles of a storyline and the boys in blue on your tail. And the game feels all the better for it, focusing solely on the driving and tuning of your old banger.  

Alongside superb handling and exciting race action is a varied selection of race types and a vast array of tracks. It feels excellent to hit the nitrous as you drift around a corner and, whilst there is questionable object placement on some tracks that make things frustrating, the feeling of getting into the racing groove rivals any other racer on Switch. 

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