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#Please ASK before buying Still play this account until sold Ar55 Asia All Bonus 2x Topup still Exist (Never buy genesis Crystal) Blessing on until 2-june-2021 Bought Battle pass twice Birthdays set 1/1 Guaranteed ⭐5 character event banner (Last got qiqi) login Mihoyo, Can be Bound to Mobile Phones, Can Change Passwords, 100% Safe Guaranteed! ______________________________ Details ; 6 Crown of Insight ⭐5 Character : Klee c2, Qiqi c1, Keqing, Zhongli, Xiao, Venti, Tartaglia, Mona ⭐5 Weapon : Skyward Spine, Primordial Jade Cutter, Aquila Favonia ⭐4 Character : Amber c2, Barbara c1, Beidou c2, Bennet c2, Chongyun c0, Diona c4, Fischl c3, Kaeya c1, Lisa c1, Ningguang c3, Noelle c6, Razor c3, Rosaria c2, Sucrose c4, Xiangling c4, Xinqiu c6 , Xinyan c4, Yanfei c0 ⭐4 Weapon : Festering Desire r5, Windblume ode r5, Rust r4, Blackliff Pole r3, Favonius Warbow r3, Rainslasher r3, The Bell r3, Dragon's Bane r3, Mappa Mare r2, Prototype Rancour r2, Lions roar r2, Sacrificial Sword r2, Sacrificial Bow r2, Eye of Perception r2, Favonius Codex r2, Favonius Lance r2, Sacrificial Greatsword r2, The Flute r2, The Stringless, The widsith, Favonius Sword, Compound Bow, White Blind, Dragon Spine spear, Snow-Tombed Starsilver Battle pass Weapon : Serpent Spine, The Black Sword ______________________________ * for screenshoot or more details pm
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