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  • SERVER : Faerlina
  • FACTION : Alliance
  • Delivery Method : Face to Face Trade / Mail in Game
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Product Name: WOW Classic (US) Gold - Arcanite Reaper You can buy WOW Classic Gold from us with confidence! We provide fast & high speed delivery, 24/7 live support to solve your problem. And your account security is important to us. Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold for Sale, get the best deals today! We always have a guild bank and this is not a concern. And we will explain how to use the guild bank method. So buy safely and securely. We suggest buying gold through the guild bank: The auction houses method of transferring a large amount is blocked by Blizzard. Please use the bank method as far as possible, which has high security. And in the guild bank method, gold is quickly available to you. You will not be charged like the Auction House method. But if the only way is for your Auction House, please note only the EPIC ITEMS in the Auction House to place items of value that blizzard does not doubt.
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