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Game Description

Age of Wushu Dynasty Gold for Sale

Age of Wushu Dynasty is the mobile follow-up to Snail’s hit PC-based martial arts sandbox MMO Age of Wushu. Set in a period of strife and intrigue during the Ming Dynasty of China, Age of Wushu Dynasty transports players to a world of martial arts and assassins. Combining fast-paced, skill-based action with a unique “class-less” player progression system, Age of Wushu Dynasty establishes an open world multiplayer martial arts adventure for mobile.

There are three types of currency in Age of Wushu Dynasty: Gold, Silver Taels, and Silver Coins. Gold can be used to purchase fashion items, horse whistles, and life skill books from the Cash Shop. Gold is also used to purchase VIP service or be converted to Silver Taels at a rate of 1 gold per 10 Liang Taels. Silver is the currency used within the game and comes in two forms, Coins and Taels. Both forms of silver comes in 3 different units: Wen, Liang, and Ding. The Wen is the smallest unit and is the bases of all currency. One thousand Wen make a Liang. One thousand Liang makes a Ding. Silver Coins are bound to the character and cannot be used for trade between players. Coins are used as the basic currency in the game, such as making purchases in shops, stagecoach fees, item repair fees, and so on. Players earn Coins by completing storyline quests, daily tasks, Forbidden Instances, influence challenges, or school missions. There is a 360 Liang daily spending limit for Coins. Once this limit has been reached, the player has the option to use Taels instead. Unlike Coins, Taels are not bound to the character. They are often refered to as "unbound Liang/Wen/Ding". Taels can be used for trade between players as well as for basic purchases when the player has reached their daily spending limit for Coins. To enhance your adventure, you are recommended to buy cheap Age of Wushu Dynasty Gold Top Up service from, no hack, no cheats, no geneator, 100% safe! Purchase Age of Wushu Dynasty Top Up now, and enjoy the biggest deals!

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