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Z2U makes it safe to buy video game currencies from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

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What is WOW Time Card?

WoW Game Time Card allows you to renew your existing account and enjoy the full content of the game for certain time. In simple words, it is a digital code that just applies a subscription to your account, without the necessity to use your credit card which makes the whole operation much safer and cheaper than the regular subscription.

Join millions of players and enter a world of myth, magic, and endless adventure. With a single game time purchase, you can access World of Warcraft and WoW Classic, including Wrath of the Lich King Classic and World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion!

Where to Buy World of Warcraft Game Time Cards?

If you want to buy WOW Prepaid Game Card on a secure platform at a cheap price, you should check out the Z2U catalog of WoW Time Cards. We offer a wide range of denominations so you can play World of Warcraft as much as you like, including world of warcraft prepaid card 30 days, World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card, World of Warcraft subscription card 1 year and more!

When buying WOW Prepaid Game Time Cards, there are two main factors players are looking for. Good price and safe buying process. We protect our buyers buy requiring all sellers to verify their IDs before placing WOW Prepaid Game Time Cards offers. Also, we place a 5-day insurance policy on All WOW Game Time Cards sales. This means we protect you from account recovery frauds. You are able to buy Cheap WOW Time Card Digital Codes safely!

Before you buy the World of Warcraft prepaid card you should know...

WoW Time Cards have a regional block, which means that activation must be made from specific regions. For example, this 30-day card for WOW is for the United States only, so we must be in that region to activate it.

How to Buy WOW Prepaid Game Time Cards on

1. Sign up at (or log in if you already have an account)

2. Browse through the WOW Time Card page and look for an offer that suits you

3. Once you select an offer, the seller will be notified so he/she can deliver the WOW Time Card codes!

4. As soon as you receive the code, check it to see if everything is as described in the offer

5. Make the confirmation to our system so the seller will get paid.

How to Redeem WoW Time Card?

1. Go to Battle Net website

2. log in to your Blizzard account

2. Choose the Account Overview menu and then click Redeem a code.

3. enter the redeem code that the seller send for you and then the game time will be activated successfully!