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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Z2U Affiliate Program

-What is the Z2U Affiliate Program?

The Z2U Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for you to be rewarded for sharing with everybody in your circles. It's quite simple actually—you bring people to Z2U, and earn a share of their order processing fee every time they buy game products on Z2U.

You'll make 10% of the order processing fee for the people you bring to Z2U, and 3% of the order processing fee for people who they bring to Z2U. And this is not once, but every time they buy game products on Z2U.

You can easily build your Z2U buying referral network when you create your Z2U affiliate link, share it on social media, or advertise it on your website.

-How does it work?

1. Invite Anyone 

Share your Affiliate link on social media or communities. You can find your unique link under your Affiliate Dashboard (web).

2. Get Them to Trade

Educate your affiliates about Z2U and how to trade on Z2U. Every time they buy game product from Z2U, you get 10% of their order processing fee. You also make 3% of the order processing fee every time one of their affiliates buys game product on Z2U.

3. Get Paid

Track your affiliates'activity from your Affiliate Dashboard and watch your earnings automatically build up. Once your earnings are worth at least 10 USD, you can cash out to your Z2U balance.

-How many tiers are in the Z2U Affiliate Program, and how do they work?

There are two tiers in the Z2U Affiliate Program -- Direct and Indirect:

Tier 1 (Direct) : These are the affiliates who sign up directly through your link.

Tier 2 (Indirect) : These are the affiliates who sign up through the links from one of your direct affiliates.

You aren't limited to earn commissions for referrals only through your direct affiliates, but you can only earn commissiongs from your direct and indirect affiliates. If the indirect affiliates also have their own direct affiliates, you will not get commissions from their direct affiliates.

-Where can I view my affiliate earnings?

You can view your earnings on your Affiliate Dashboard.

-Where can I find my affiliate link?

You can find your affiliate link on your Affiliate Dashboard.

-When do I get paid?

Your earnings through your Z2U affiliates typically get credited to your Affiliate balance 30-90 days after your affiliates complete the trade.(Completed means order get confirmed and no disputes occur.)

Once you've accumulated 10 USD affiliate earnings, you can move them to your wallet(As know as Z2U balance) any time you want. Once you've earned 300 USD, we'll need you to complete identity and address verification.

-Can I create custom affiliate links for tracking purposes?

NO. Currently, you can't custom the affiliate links, we expect to upgrade them in the near future.

-What is not allowed?

To make sure we're all on the same page of what's allowed and what's not, we've listed below some actions for you to avoid as an Affiliate.

1. Creating multiple accounts - you're allowed only one on Z2U.

2. Using redirects (forwarding) from your website to the Z2U website.

3. Engaging in fraudulent activity to gain affiliates.

4. Buying advertisement for branded queries, such as: Z2U,, or any other derivatives - including misspelled versions.

5. Using branded queries of other competitor companies for advertising the Z2U brand - also comparing Z2U to other brands, showing them in a bad light.

6. Publishing false information to attract more clients, or misleading clients in any way.

7. Charging a fee on top of your Affiliate earnings on Z2U.

Want to know more? Check out our Affiliate Program service terms (The Appendix B of the terms and conditions).

Z2U reserves the right of final interpretation for any further changes in the Z2U Affiliate Program.

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