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WoW Classic Era Items | Classic Hardcore | WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Items for Sale

Buy WoW Classic Era Legendary Items and become the ultimate hero of Azeroth! True to their name, Legendary Items are exceptionally rare and hard to get in the game, with many only hearing about them from other players. These items are also some of the most powerful weapons and artifacts in the game, which makes owning them extremely prestigious. Get these legendaries with Z2U's help and none shall dare to stay in your way!

Here are some WOW Classic Hardcore Items, you can find here at Z2U:

1. Weapons and Armor: These are the most common types of items. Weapons determine the damage output and type of attacks a character can perform, while armor helps mitigate damage and improve survivability. They come in different qualities, such as common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (orange).

2. Consumables: These are items that are used up when consumed and provide temporary effects.

3. Quest Items: These are items obtained during quests and are usually required to complete the quest. They might not have any use beyond their quest-related purpose.

4. Trade Goods: Items like herbs, ores, skins, and other materials that players gather or craft to use in various professions, such as Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and more.

5. Recipe and Patterns: These items are used by characters with crafting professions to learn new recipes and patterns to create new items.

6. Relics: These items are often class-specific and enhance certain abilities or attributes for characters of specific classes.

7. Trinkets and Rings: These accessories provide unique bonuses or effects that can be activated by the player. They are typically equipped in specific slots separate from weapons and armor.

8. Set Items: Certain items belong to sets that provide additional bonuses when worn together. Collecting an entire set can grant powerful advantages.

9. Mounts and Pets: Mounts are rideable creatures that increase a character's movement speed. Pets are non-combat companions that follow characters around.

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Sell Classic Hardcore Items & World of Warcraft Classic Season Of Discovery Items 

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