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What is AnswerThePublic?

AnswerThePublic is an audience research and search-listening tool that helps you uncover the questions people ask Google on different topics. It crawls Google autocomplete searches and provides a cloud of questions on your topic, along with search volume and competition data. It is a goldmine of information, allowing you to understand your audience’s real needs and find long-tail keywords with high search demand. 

How AnswerThePublic Works

Data Collection: Aggregates search engine autocomplete suggestions. Captures queries people commonly use.

Query Analysis: Gathers keywords and phrases related to a topic. Organizes data into categories: questions, prepositions, comparisons.

Visualization: Displays data in visual formats like mind maps and circular diagrams. Clusters queries around the main keyword.

Keyword Exploration: Uncovers long-tail keywords and specific search phrases. Generates content ideas based on common queries.

SEO and Content Strategy: Identifies content gaps and opportunities. Helps optimize content with relevant keywords. Aids in creating targeted, user-focused content.

User Interface: Users enter a keyword in the search bar. Tool provides instant results and visualizations. Data can be downloaded for further analysis.

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