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WoW Classic WotLK Tanks Guide: How to Select Tank Class for PvE mode in WotLK
2022-09-28 08:42

As the official release of WoW Classic WotLK, players have chances to explore the large world of WotLK and experience the familiar things as before. To start the adventure of WotLK, players need select a class to play in the beginning.

WoW WotLK Brewfest Guide: Release Date, Achievements, and Rewards of Brewfest Event
2022-09-27 08:34

Many players have joined into the world of WoW Classic WotlK pre-patch for a long time. You may have known the Brewfest seasonal event in the game.

WoW WotLK PVP Classes Guide: How to Choose the Best Solo Class for PVP Mode
2022-09-21 08:45

Many WoW Classic lovers are excited about the return of WotLK expansion. They are willing to explore the new dungeons or compete against other players in the game.

WoW Classic WotLK Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast in WotLK Pre-Patch
2022-09-13 08:40

Due to the release of WoW Classic WotLK Pre-Patch, many players have access to join in WotLK Servers in advance. While, you still have to start at level 1 and try to level up to Level 70 as early as possible.