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ACCOUNTS Commando 2 ACCOUNTS Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Commando 2 or Commando 2: Battle of Asia, published on September 24, 2008, is an Online game, developed by Miniclip. The target of the game is to go through a certain amount of levels, and killing the enemies while walking through the levels. There are a wide variety of weapons, all of which have been renamed. Following the completion of each mission, the player unlocks several new weapons. Over the course of the game, the weapons unlocked are more powerful than the ones before them. There are 3 acts, and each one is exactly the same as the first act, although more enemies, items, unique food, and obstacles are added.

The game allows you to choose one of two characters, a male or a female, and also allows you to name them. Each individual player is given a save slot which automatically saves the player's progress after completing each mission and the game has a total of 4 player slots. After selecting your character, you can also choose the mission you want to play, but you can only choose new missions and missions that have already been completed.

There are of 36 weapons a total in Commando 2, which are divided into 9 different categories, from A to I (pistols, machine guns, special weapons, etc.). The player starts with 10 weapons, and the rest are unlocked during the game- most of them during the first 6 missions. Each weapon has its own magazine size and power. The weapons go in an inventory which has 6 slots, and before startng each level, the player can fill his inventory with any of his available weapons. Two of the weapons—the Knife and the Barreti—are default weapons, meaning they have infinite ammo and cannot be removed from the inventory, which leaves 4 free slots. After beating Mission 12, the Kee-Jerk Terminator and the Metal Driller are available. Both have infinite ammo, making them one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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