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GamePal Dekaron GamePal Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Dekaron is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that lets players explore the world of Trieste. Originally brought to western audiences as 2Moons, Dekaron has gone through many changes since its inception. With fast-paced combat and an emphasis on PvP action, Dekaron is a classic MMORPG that many fans come back to year after year. In Dekaron, players choose from a variety of classes and journey through quests to bring peace in the land of Trieste. Players, known as Dekarons, complete quests and cut down the evil hordes that plague the lands. There is also a strong emphasis on PvP and a number of options available for those looking for that next PvP fix. Dekaron used to be available through Acclaim Games as "2Moons" and later GameHi but is now available through Nexon. Dekaron Key Features: Point and Click Gameplay – with fast paced combat and quick leveling. Varied PvP Options – Duels, Arenas, and Guild Battles. The game's DK Square System allows cross-server PvP. Seven Unique Classes – Azure Knight, Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Segnale, Bagi Warrior, and Aloken Instanced Dungeons – choose from Regular, Rank B, Rank A, and Abyss difficulties. Cash Shop – features cosmetics, mounts, and crafting items and remains not pay-to-win.

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