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GamePal Dofus Touch GamePal Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

DOFUS Touch is a mobile version (for smartphone or tablet) of the MMORPG DOFUS, making it one of the fullest tablet games in terms of content. If you play DOFUS, be aware that DOFUS Touch is not synced with the PC version of DOFUS.

A peaceful planet, over which reigned the magic of the Dofus - six dragon eggs, symbols of power and bringers of hope - until the terrible day they were stolen. Since then, the harmony has been disturbed. Elements and monsters have gone wild. The world needs a hero! In DOFUS Touch, you determine your character's fate. Which god are you going to worship? What specialty will you master? Which professions are you going to excel in? Which headgear will go best with your huge sword?There are so many choices that can write your own story! Whether you prefer striking heavy blows with your sword, sneakily placing traps, or healing your allies, one of the current 15 character classes will suit YOUR type of character. In just a couple seconds, create a hero who looks like you (well, sexier, and with more muscle).

Have all the resources you need for all kinds of character classes in an instant by availing Dofus Touch Power Leveling & Boosting Services offered here by long-time Dofus players. Here in, rest assured your account is safe during the power levelling/boosting process.