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Trading safety guidelines

1. DO NOT RETURN the Gold under any circumstances and regardless of the reasons given, even if it’s the same character that just traded with you. Only scammers will ask for the Gold back, and you are solely liable and responsible for your own action if you return the Gold.

2. ONLY purchase a product listing in which its description matches the item/service you want to receive. Do not purchase any other product listing as a form of payment or as an exchange for other goods. (Example, if you want to buy a WOW account, and the seller asks you to place an order for Path Of Exile item’s listing, then this is most likely a scam. Report this to us immediately and we will ban the scammer).

3. Do not disclose any information (eg. your Z2U account login details) to the sellers which may jeopardize the safety of your account.

4. Transaction made outside Z2U is not protected under Z2UProtection. Do not take the risk. 

All communication and correspondence between the seller and the buyer must be done through the Z2U Chat Application. Refrain from chatting in-game or Seller's personal chat accout (Such as whatsapp, facebook messenger and skype etc.).

Seller is not allowed to provide offsite trade or personal offers in any way(Read more in Seller rules). Any sellers found doing so will have their Z2U account permanently banned.

Private contact will equal to Offsite Trading, all the chat record out of Z2U will not be accepted as evidence for any of the dispute or claim.

5. No other transactions will be conducted in-game. Trading is strictly for the delivery of your order only.

6. We do not perform any advertising in-game through sending whispers to players or via any of the chat channels.

7. Sellers will always act like a normal player and will not attempt to solicit sales from your character by directing you to another website.

8. If any of the sellers were to conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner please take a screenshot or proof and e-mail it to along with your order number and a summary of the complaint.

9. If you are buying a game account, we recommend you to purchase only accounts that come with recovery access so you may gain full and complete ownership of the account. Be careful with the product description and if you find the account is suspected of hacking, please report it to Z2U support. 

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