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ITEMS Lost Ark ITEMS Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Lost Ark is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with action RPG style combat and a huge world to explore. Set sail on your own ship to discover new regions and battle powerful bosses with a raid party. Lost Ark offers a feature-rich gaming experience combined with stunning visuals and skill effects. It combines the fast paced gameplay found in action RPGs like Diablo 3 with the sense of discovery and immersion found in open world MMORPGs. The game will feature both open world environments and instanced raids like those found in Vindictus. Players will even be able to discover unique islands in Lost Ark as they explore the World Map abroad their own ships. Lost Ark has some similarities to Lineage Eternal, another upcoming Korean MMORPG, but seems to offer a wider range of features. Lost Ark Key Features: Set Sail for Adventure – explore the world on your own Ark to discover unique areas or hunt for treasure! Multiple Classes – seven classes revealed thus far with up to eighteen in total awaiting release. Raid Bosses and Cinematic Dungeons – team up to defeat powerful bosses on interactive battlegrounds. The Colosseum – challenge other players to combat in 1v1 or 3v3 PvP matches. Tripod Skill System – mix different skill elements to perform different variants of the same base skills. Mini Games – take a break at the local tavern and challenge players to a monster card game or keg drinking contest. Live Your Life – mine, fish, dig for artifacts, chop trees, and practice other life skills to collect valuable resources. Island Ownership – conquer and manage your own island as you see fit.

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Lost Ark's Cool Retreat Update: Everything You Need to Know
2024-07-17 10:05

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the highly anticipated Cool Retreat update for Lost Ark, set to go live on July 17. This major patch brings a plethora of new features and improvements. Let's delve into everything this exciting update has to offer.

Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide: How to Farm More Gold in Lost Ark 2024
2024-02-17 08:43

When players are playing Lost Ark, they have figured out the importance of gold in the game. Many things cost a large amount of gold in Lost Ark. For instance, leveling up crafting skills, buying rare materials or items and upgrading characters.

Lost Ark Guide: How to Upgrade Your Item Level Fast in Lost Ark
2024-01-13 09:33

When players have reached level 50 in Lost Ark, you have access to experience various things in Lost Ark. Like Dungeons and Guardian Raids. While, before exploring these endgame contents in Lost Ark, you need check your item level in advance.

Lost Ark: You Need to Know Roadmap 2024 Part 1
2023-12-25 08:59

The roadmap content discussed are highlights that players are eagerly awaiting, but the roadmap is not a comprehensive list of every change coming to Aksia in the coming months and is subject to change.