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GamePal FUT 23 GamePal Ratings and Reviews
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Z2U makes it safe to buy video game currencies from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

Game Description

Buy FUT 23 Coins Comfort Trade

FUT 23 Coins are the main currency of EA FC 23 Ultimate Team, and they will allow you to purchase players and other items in the Transfer Market to keep pace with the competition. With the new FUT making all the waves in the market, many questions are asked, especially: “what are the best ways to buy FUT 23 coins without getting banned”. The answer is using the Safe FUT Comfort Trade.

How does FUT Comfort Trade Work?

FUT 23 Comfort Trade is the easiest method of delivery on the side of the Customer. If you buy FUT 23 coins with Comfort Trade, you will be asked for your account login information (e-mail address, password, security answer and the 6 backup codes) then login within the given delivery time and transfer the coins to your account. You do not have to put any cards for sale. The price of this service covers the FUT Transfer Market fees, so you receive the same amount of coins that you have actually ordered. This is the safest coin transfer method that we offer and you can proceed to buy FUT coins with Comfort Trade here.

How to avoid getting banned, using this method?

The following are the best ways to ensure you don’t attract a ban using the comfort trade method, to get coins for your FUT account. Ensure you follow them to have the best of this method.

•Make sure you have played over 50 games on your FUT account, before attempting to get FUT coins as you can get banned easily when you try to buy coins for a new account.

•Ensure you deactivate the login verification on your FUT account or provide your security question to the seller, so the system won’t suspect a suspicious login

•Don't log in to your account until you receive a message from the seller, informing you of the successful delivery of your coins into your account.

•To avoid a coin wipe, use the funds, immediately they are credited into your account.

How long does Comfort Trade take?

You can see the stock of coins owned by each sellers, and the delivery time rarely takes longer than 1-2 hours but it depends on the amount purchased. For bigger amounts it might hit 3-4 hours.

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