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Game Description

Hyper Front Star Quartz for Sale

The game's main currencies go by the names: Star Coins, Star Quartz, Initial Particles, Final Particles, and Shining Badges. Star Coins can be used to purchase new heroes and some limited-time crates. Star Quartz is the game's premium currency and the one which you will need to purchase most of the game's cosmetics. Initial and Final Particles are used to upgrade weapon skins in a way similar to that seen in Valorant with its Radianite Points. Shining Badges are rewarded through the paid track of the battle pass and can be exchanged for other items such as weapon skin crates, Star Coins, and XP bonus cards.

This direct top-up allows you to get Hyper Front Star Quartz which is Hyper Front's premium currency. With Star Quartz, you get to buy characters and possibly weapons, skins and the game's battle pass in the future.

How to Buy Hyper Front Star Quartz at

1. First, sign in to Z2U or register a new account at

2. Next, go to the page to choose the desired quantity and seller you want buy from.

3. Then click "Check Out" and leave your User ID for recharge use!

4. Complete the checkout by choosing a payment method and make a payment.

How to find Hyper Front Role ID and Server?

1. Use your account to log into the game.

2. The server is displayed under the right corner bottom.

3. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner.

4. The Hyper Front Role ID will be displayed.