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Call of duty Mobile Season 1 OG Ghost Account. With 2 Mythic 22 legend

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:Aug 06, 2023

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Account works on Android and IOS Call of duty Mobile OG Season 1 Account Every Battle pass (Max) since season 1 2 Mythic weapons and 22 legends Legendary Character- Nyx Starstruck Legendary Character- Phantom Osiris Mythic Weapons FFAR 1 - Bright Blade ODEN - Divine Smite Legendary Weapons KRM 262 - Glorious Blaze Arctic .50 - Foxfire Prestige Cordite - Zero G Bk57 - Space Race M16 - Targonite-3 DL Q33 - Holidays Kali Sticks - Sand Scepters LK24 - Idol Star MK2 - Helix Grade Kilo Bolt-Action - Rail Gun Thumper - Surprise Party QQ9 - Melting Point ZRG 20mm - Ticket to Hell HG 40 - Gold Standard Chopper - Rules of the Game Player UID: 6743425858633465858 to check account in Game
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