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[TScod048] 🌀LVL 200🔱4 Mytic, 18 Legend, 202 Epic Guns⚜️119 Characters(4 Legend, 104 Epic)🔱154 Vehicles(37 Epic)⚜️Region: India🔱C Account: 2106⚜️Saved: Activision🌀

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:Oct 05, 2023

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⚓️ Account Information : ⚡️ Account Level: 200 ⚡️ Game Region: India ⚡️ Multiplayer Rank: Legend ‌⚡️ Battle Royale Rank: Legend ⚡️ CP Account: 0 ⚡️ C Account: 2106 ⚡️ Saved: Activision ⚡️ Vehicles: 154 (37 Epic) ⚡️ Dance: 62 ⚡️ Spray: 51 Mytic Guns: 🔴M13 lvl max 🔴AS VAL lvl max 🔴Krig 6 lvl 2 🔴Switchblade X9 lvl max Legend Guns: 🟡Dlq 🟡RUS-79U 🟡QQ9 - Melting Point 🟡QQ9 - Moonlight 🟡ICR-1 🟡AK117 - Aesir 🟡Razorback 🟡AK-47 - Kuromaku 🟡Type 25 🟡AK-47 - Black & Gold 🟡FR.556 🟡MSMC 🟡M4LMG 🟡Thumper 🟡50 GS 🟡Crossbow 🟡Shorty 🟡Nikto - Dark Side 🟡Reaper - Ashura 🟡Outrider - Techborn 🟡Gunzo - Devil Jester Crates: 🟢Minotaur 🟢Vladimir Makarov 🟢Ronin 🟢T.E.D.D. Bundles: 🔵Reaper 🔵Zero 🔵Red activation Legend Characters: 🟡Reaper - Ashura 🟡Nikto - Dark Side 🟡Gunzo - Devil Jester 🟡Outrider - Techborn ⚓️ Notes : ➡️➡️➡️ Video Link : ⬅️⬅️⬅️ 🔥🔥🔥 1 ) my accounts are completely secure and I am sure of their safety so I insure my accounts for LIFE TIME so after your purchase if anything happens to the account I will REFUND you or give you an ALTERNATE account. ⭐️ 2 ) my accounts are purchased in a very safe way and by receiving identity documents and legal guarantees to prevent account recovery from the original owners of the accounts, and because i can file a legal complaint, they will not disturb for accounts after selling them 🌟 3 ) All my accounts are always under review and the accounts that are sold are quickly removed from this site and other sites, so buy without worrying about the availability of the account you want. ⭐️ 4 ) Complete account information will be delivered to you automatically as soon as you make a purchase, and an email will be sent to me after purchase, and i will be notified of your purchase and will be online to respond to you. 🌟 5 ) Please do not contact game support, if you have any questions please send we message, Because the account be banned or locked if you call the game support,Therefore, if you contact the game support, you will be responsible for the consequences. ⭐️ 6 ) i only sell accounts and do not buy or trade accounts from you
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