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German, Japanese, French (France), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Korean What is (K1-account) (K2-account)? It allows you to spend less money to experience the games you want to play. K1-Account: Play with the account I sent you. K2-Account: Use your own account to play games (PSN PLUS membership benefits can be shared). Both K1 and K2 can be played online Please read the precautions before purchasing: If you can abide by the following rules, you will have the best gaming experience. 1. Prohibit logging into your account from any device other than the console (or via a browser) 2. Please do not try to change information (account, password, and email address do not support modification). If you violate this precaution, we will contact technical support personnel to retrieve the account and prohibit you from accessing the account. 3. Some games do not have PS5 versions, but run through backward compatibility. Check the Playstation Store for the latest information 4. Please do not delete the game or account. The game will become unavailable after deletion. 5. For the safety of your funds, please do not bind credit cards/payment software or recharge. 6. Installation on multiple consoles is prohibited. 7. If there is any violation, the seller has the right to block access to your account and no refund will be given. We have almost every PS4/5 game on the market. If you need other games, you can contact us through Z2U Chat. Working hours: GMT(+8)AM: 8:00-22:00
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