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Game Description

About Quizizz

Quizizz is an interactive, gamified learning platform centered on building quizzes to assess student learning. In addition to traditional, multiple choice quiz types, Quizizz also offers a wide variety of customizable options to create quiz questions tailored to the assessment level, subject matter, or desired response types. Quizizz can be used to create interactive lessons, polls, surveys, and even memes that can be embedded into a quiz or lesson. These lessons and quizzes can be taken by students outside of class or shared live by instructors for in-class assessment. Instructors using Quizizz also have access to a large library of already made games, lessons, and quizzes across a variety of subjects and levels to use as a template for building a new quiz, or as a ready-made option. Additionally, Quizizz offers a built-in grading system for ease and generates data reports so instructors can see where students are engaging with materials, succeeding, and where they might need additional help. 

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