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Rask AI Overview

Rask AI is an AI-powered video localization tool that allows users to easily translate videos into over 130 languages. It utilizes advanced speech-to-text, machine translation, and text-to-speech technology to automate dubbing and subtitling.

Key features include:

Upload a video or audio file in any language and translate it into your desired language

AI transcribes, translates, and adds a natural voiceover to the video

Voice cloning feature copies the original voice into the translated version

Identifies multiple speakers and assigns unique voices

Downloads transcripts and translations as SRT subtitle files

Rewrites translated text to match proper speech pace

How Does Rask AI Work?

Rask AI makes localizing videos easy in three simple steps:

Upload - Upload your video file or YouTube link and select the target language

Transcribe & Translate - Rask AI uses speech-to-text to create a transcript then translates it into your chosen language.

Voiceover & Download - A natural voiceover is added using text-to-speech. The finished translated video can then be downloaded.

Optional steps include utilizing voice cloning, identifying multiple speakers, editing transcripts/translations, and downloading subtitles.

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