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ACCOUNTS TimeMelters ACCOUNTS Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

What is TimeMelters?

TimeMelters is a unique action strategy game developed by Autoexec Games. It first launched in Early Access on Steam in October 2022 and received a full release on February 28, 2024. The game is now also available on PlayStation 5 as of July 11, 2024, and will soon be available on Xbox Series.

The gameplay of TimeMelters is a hybrid of strategy and hero defense, incorporating a unique time-shift mechanic where players can rewind time and fight alongside their past selves. This system allows for the creation of custom strategies, as you can manipulate the environment and engage in strategic battles against various foes. The game includes puzzle maps, boss fights, escort missions, and survival challenges, each with distinct objectives that utilize the time-travel mechanics.

In TimeMelters, you play as Teagan, a time-warping witch who narrowly escapes a witch trial and embarks on a journey to uncover the mysteries of her new powers. The game features both single-player and cooperative campaigns, allowing players to experience the story solo or with a friend online.

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