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ACCOUNTS UFC 5 ACCOUNTS Ratings and Reviews
5.0 out of 5

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Game Description


EA SPORTS UFC 5 is as real as it gets. Powered by Frostbite engine’s advanced rendering capabilities, your favorite fighters now have unparalleled character likenesses to complement next-level environment fidelity that’ll make their walk to the Octagon feel like a PPV main event. The all-new authentic damage system brings the intensity and strategy of a fight to life, as cuts and strikes absorbed can affect mobility, defense, stamina, and more. Take too much damage, and the doctor will check to see if you’re able to continue. For lovers of the ground game, the new Transition-Based Submissions make grappling feel more fluid and realistic than ever before. And if you like to admire your handiwork, new Cinematic K.O. Replays capture your fight-ending finishes in all their punishing glory. Plus, a completely revamped live service schedule builds exciting challenges around all PPV fight weeks. Bring the next evolution of the fight game home with UFC 5.

Gameplay of UFC 5

From unrivaled graphics upgrades to all-new damage systems and doctor stoppages that affect gameplay in truly authentic fashion, EA SPORTS UFC 5 is the next evolution of the fight game.


Cuts, bruising, and swelling accumulate based on the damage you inflict–and take–including over 64,000 possible combinations of facial damage that is rendered in more detail than ever before, realistically affecting character attributes.


Authentic damage comes with authentic results. If the player sustains a significant injury—like a broken nose or swollen eye—the ref can now step in, pause the action, and get the ringside doctor to inspect the damage.


Introducing all-new animations for ground and pound elbows, spinning attacks, and several other punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Plus, new striking animations emulate heavy hitters, professional kickboxers, and more.


A revamped extension of the existing grappling systems brings faster animations and the removal of mini-games. The new submissions offer a smoother, more authentic ground game that is sure to be a grappler’s delight.

Features and Modes of UFC 5


UFC 5 is truly an extension of the UFC fan experience, and there’s no better example than the all-new Fight Week challenges, features, and content that connect them with blockbuster UFC cards in a way that’s never been done before.


Play the game to earn your way through a set of predetermined rewards, including in-game currency, player profile customizations, created fighter Vanity Items, and Alter Egos. In addition, completing Profile Challenges rewards players with XP that levels up their Punch Card’s earning capability.


Players asked for it; we answered. Online Career includes skill-based matchmaking, division progression, and title chases across four divisions. Players can compete with a different Created Fighter in each division, allowing players to showcase multiple character customizations and Vanity Items.

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