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Game Description

Valkyrie Connect is one of the well-made gacha hero-collecting games out there today, although we can’t figure out why a character resembling Hatsune Miku is the NPC in charge of the game’s shop. Though it features a story and has gameplay mechanics cut from the same pile of cookie dough, it exceeded expectations and is a ton of fun. However, it banks mostly on familiarity and a tried-and-tested formula, not introducing anything notable. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a game you would want to try out, especially if you like similar games.

Valkyrie Connect starts off by immediately implying that you’re some sort of a hero who is fated to prevent Ragnarok. Yes, that sort of Ragnarok from Norse mythology, given the game also features famous characters like Odin and Freya. Well hey, its title implies as much, considering the term “valkyrie” originated from Norse myths. You’re joined by a valkyrie named Skuld, as well as a dude who happens to be the ruler of the Norse underworld. You’re given a dagger which grants you the power to summon heroes and powerful beings to aid you in your quest. It’s a run-of-the-mill story, but nevertheless, it holds the game together. Progression through it is done by accessing levels in the form of tiles with three stages each (and usually a boss at the end) wherein you can learn the lore and even the background of a character. To enhance your adventure and maximize your joy of the game, you are recommended to Buy Cheap Valkyrie Connect Accounts from our list of reputable sellers here at, your transaction remains safe, easy, and secure.