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Game Description

Age of Conan is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Funcom and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows in 2008. Characters in Age of Conan are registered to a unique user account on a specific online server, with characters created on one server unable to be played on another. Players are able to create characters which function as their virtual avatars in the online world of Hyboria. During character creation, the player may choose from four playable races. The character is one of four archetypes (in bold) and one of three class selections for each archetype. The Rise of the Godslayer expansion brought on a new race, the Khitan. Earlier only some classes were free to play but on December 13, 2012 all classes were made available in the free model.

With amazing graphics that can keep up with recent releases of this decade and a combat system that st cannot be replicated by any other game, Age of Conan stands as a diamond in the rough. While PvE is a fantastic facet in AoC, its biggest draw is the hardcore PvP that reflects its source material very well. Visceral, brutal, and fast-paced, PvP in AoC encapsulates the violent dystopia of the Hyborian Age and the power and barbaric feel of Conan the Barbarian.

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