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  • Game Age Of Kungfu (SEA)
  • DEVELOPER Snail Game
  • PUBLISHER Cubizone
  • RELEASE DATE 2014-10-1
  • LANGUAGES English


9Yin (formerly known as Age of Kung Fu SEA) is a free to play MMORPG that recreates an ancient Chinese world of martial arts.Age of Kung Fu SEA is a free to play 3D martial arts action and PVP oriented MMORPG developed by Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. (Snail Games).This martial arts MMO inevitably uses many of the conventions we're familiar with, but presents it in a unique way with new combat styles, unorthodox professions, and a gorgeous and authentic Oriental backdrop. Not everything is a Zen experience, but it's enough of a twist to the formula that it's at least worth a trial run. Players are recommended to search our list of legendary Age of Kung Fu SEA gold, Cheap Age of Kung Fu SEA Liang for Sale at, get the best deals today!