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Angry Birds Epic (sometimes called Angry Birds Epic RPG or just Angry Birds RPG) is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing video game released in 2014. Up to 3 playable characters, the majority of which are birds, can be chosen by the player at the beginning of each level. When the battle starts, both the playable characters and the enemy characters (mostly composed of pigs) will appear on the landscape. To attack, the player can simply swipe from their character to an enemy. To use its secondary skill, the player taps on the character itself or swipe from it to another character. During a battle, an indicator with the appearance of chili pepper - called the Rage Chili - will slowly fill up whenever any character is damaged. When full, it can be swiped to one of the player's character to activate its rage ability. A bird's primary and secondary skills will change when the player swaps its class; however, its rage ability won't. The three-star system found in other Angry Birds games is present in-game, though it will not be displayed during the battle. The more stars are achieved, the more crafting and/or brewing ingredients will be given to the player via a wheel of fortune. After retrieving the anvil and the cauldron, players can use the ingredients they have earned to craft weapons, off-hand items, and potions. A weapon or off-hand item can only be crafted when its blueprint has been obtained. Similarly, most potions can only be crafted if its recipe has been purchased beforehand. When an item is crafted, a dice will be rolled and determine how much damage, health or quantity will be added to the item.

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