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Game Description

Ant Legion Account for Sale

Build your underground empire!

It’s such a big world for the tiny ants! However, with the right decisions, your swarm might be able to dominate someone’s backyard!

[Insights of the world of ants]

Licensed by renowned natural science photography sites.

Thousands of HD photos of ants and their habitat.

Learn about the secrets of these tiny creatures while playing the game.[Build your empire from scratch]

Expand your main nest and establish colonies!

Ants are probably the best architects in the wilds.

Connect the chambers by a complicated network of tunnels!

[Foster the strongest ants in your legion]

Collect different ants from all over the world!

Hatch different types of ants for your legions!

Crush the rival swarms with your elite soldiers!

[Battle over resources]

Collect water and food for your citizens!

Protect your nest against predators!

[Form alliance]

One for all, all for one!

Form alliance with friendly swarms.

Ensure survival through cooperation!

[Compete for the last tree stump!]

Lead your ant legions to victory!

Long live the queen, long live the swarm!

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