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  • Game AppsMe
  • DEVELOPER 愛絲蜜 AppsMe
  • PUBLISHER 愛絲蜜 AppsMe
  • RELEASE DATE 2017-6-18
  • LANGUAGES English


AppsMe is positioned as an entertainment social app hosting all walk of talents to excite the largest platform for live broadcasting channel. This channel brings all charismatic personality and diversified talents into live broadcasting their life routine, habits, talents and skills. With optimism, AppsMe will become your best and only live recording platform.

'AppsME' is the business mobile application to accelerate data entry to Salesforce/kintone. AppsME also works offline so that you can enter data even if there’s no network. (Support iOS, Android). AppsME generates replicas of Salesforce objects or kintone apps on mobile application. In the mobile application, you can view, save, edit and delete data, and enter data even while offline. Data entered offline is synchronized when it gets online. AppsME makes it easy for users to view and enter the data because users can customize screen display for mobile application to display only required items for field work. Users can easily optimize the settings by selecting Salesfoce objects or kintone apps, defining required fields and layouts, and configuring view settings by user, etc.

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