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THE RETURN OF CLASSIC 3D MMORPG. Play For Free with your Astells! Enjoy Open Field PVP! Astellia Royal is newer, shinier, and now Free To Play. The game features strategic PvP and PvE battles in which you get to summon the aid of spectacular magical creatures called Astels.

Main Freatures are: 1. A Fantasy Story: Astellia, a world that is covered by a stary vail, is powered by the all-powerful Atra. The evil god Karza and his followers want to use this power to corrupt the world of Astellia. However, in their way stands the sun god Norden and the Astellians. Come forth, Astellians! And join this crusade with your Astells to save the world. 2. Forever Partners, “Astels”: You as an Astellian can use Atra to summon multiple Astells at once. Each Astells have special skills that are specialized in attack, defense, or support. Use them wisely to claim victory in both PVP and PVE. 3. Open PK World: There will always be others who do not agree with what you believe. There will be battles at unexpected places you must face. Strike first if you are the one who wish to see these people gone. 4. Unlimited Power: In Astellia Royal, you will be able to equip items without level restrictions. This will allow you to become stronger faster and increase the intensity of battles.This new style will not only shine during dungeons and boss battles, but in PVP as well. Here, only the sky is the limit.

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