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  • Game Aurcus Online
  • RELEASE DATE 2016-1-6
  • LANGUAGES English


Aurcus Online is a 3D mobile MMORPG that offers a variety of content in the colorful fantasy world of Aurcus, including a unique combat system, missions, PvP, and more. The combat is similar to Tera's targeting system, requiring players to aim every attack rather than automatically swinging at the selected target. It brings a classic PC MMORPG experience to mobile, with no automated gameplay or excessive graphics pleading for microtransactions. Setting itself apart from many other mobile games, Aurcus features a combat system that relies on the player's ability to aim their attacks with a reticle and dodge enemy fire, which requires more skill than the usual targeted auto-attack system. Create a character and choose from four starting classes: Swordsman, Cleric, Magician, and Scout, which each branch into two advanced classes. Complete a variety of NPC-led quests and sub-quests with typical demands, such as killing enemies, collecting items, or completing dungeons, and team up with other players out in the wild to tackle Field Missions. Other multiplayer content includes guilds, dungeons, and PvP arenas.

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