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Hey guys, want to sell my whale account for BIS. The account itself is day 1 of the 73rd server. Currently I have all characters unlocked, overall power is 3.33 mil. The main PVP team has 700K power, have been number 1 in arena ranking since the opening of the server. Currently the GM of the strongest guild on the server. I have purchased the growth plan and all of the premium season plans. Have awakened most of the UR weapons.



Bleach: Immortal Soul is a new mobile RPG focused on storytelling and strategy while following Ichigo's adventures to become a Soul Reaper. The game brings the BLEACH franchise to life through dozens of animated chapters where players can collect and train their favorite characters as they step into a Karakura Town game world, the game reconstructs the world of BLEACH so players can meet familiar faces—and hear familiar voices from the anime—as they re-engage with the rich story of a Substitute Soul Reaper. Players will experience the decisions and consequences of Ichigo as they defend Karakura Town with their Zanpakutō blades, build a team, and strengthen their strategy and skills. Bleach: Immortal Soul creates a riveting battle experience for fans of the BLEACH franchise. With epic Bankai releases and full screen effects, players will be immersed in a world of action-packed animated combat and in-game cutscenes. Players can balance a hands-off approach for easier battles with careful team selection and strategic attack choices to turn the tide against bosses and difficult opponents. It’s not just stats and equipment—team composition, the order of attack, and the accuracy of landing combos can all swing the tide in a tough battle. Unlock Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rukia Kuchiki, and other memorable characters through Story missions, recruitments, and other daily actions. Soul Reapers and Humans will find unlikely allies as players build the strongest team, honing skills and equipment to battle Hollows and guide lost souls to Soul Society. Players will push the limits of their team in Ichigo’s Spirit World and climb Soul Society rankings through duels with Kenpachi and other players. Players can join or form Squads with other Soul Reapers to battle powerful bosses together, make new friends, and claim additional rewards by leveling up their Squad’s ranking and power. Story Mode, Instant Battles, Roguelike and other content await you!

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