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Bless Unleashed Lumena Top Up

Bless Unleashed is the reboot of the 2018 Bless Online. Main gameplay stays the same, but with a graphical update, as well as a few other quality-of-life mechanics. At the time of writing, it has only been released for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Bless Unleashed is a third-person point of view MMORPG. Players control a character they choose the class, gender, and race of. They can choose from five available classes, Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Priest, and Archer. Classes are not gender-locked, but some are race-locked. It depends on the player whether they want to play a race or a class more. The game doesn’t have an HP recovery system. Players will have to keep track and manage their skills, items, and other recovery options as they progress. Otherwise, they can meet a world boss unprepared and well, that would end badly for them. It also has all the usual mechanics of an MMORPG, from PvP to dungeons. Still, there’s something for everybody in this game.

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Bless Unleashed Star Seeds: How to Farm Bless Unleashed Star Seeds
2023-12-07 08:31

Starseeds are a Bless Unleashed currency that can be used to purchase items from the market, limited-time vendors, resurrect yourself, weapon enhancements, upgrades, or use Teleposts in the game world.

Bless Unleashed How to get on your mount, and ways to unlock mounts
2021-08-24 08:41

Mounts are companions that help you traverse the world. So, many Bless Unleashed players want to find useful ways to unlock Bless Unleashed Mounts. Here are everything we know about Bless Unleashed Mounts!

Salamander Solstice Event has been released on Bless Unleashed for PC Players
2021-08-20 08:46

The Bless Unleashed Salamander Solstice Event begins on August 18, and runs until September 15, bringing some cool items to get and special rewards to grab.

Bless Unleashed Passes 1 Million Times Downloads On PC in its First 2 Weeks
2021-08-18 08:47

Bless Unleashed is a reworked MMO of Bless Online gameplay, which seems to be incredibly popular on PC platform. The game has been released on August 6th and has since gone on to be downloaded over a million times.