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Bloodstone is a fantasy 2D MMORPG developed by Streamysoft, a Brazilian studio formed by a small team of nine people. Bloodstone needs players take on the role of defenders of the "Bloodstone" world, long threatened by monsters that bring destruction and death. Developer Streamy Entertainment kicks off Early Access for its new strategy game, Bloodstone The Ancient Curse which features grid-based movement and combat, launches early access officially on January 10, 2020. Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse contains a multiclass system that allows you to build your character with multiple vocations. Each vocation has strengths and weaknesses, combine vocations to build a character with unique strength. You can measure strength and test your limits in PVP areas or in a PVP world by displaying all the techniques gained during your journey. Whether allied or alone, the arena battle system works on both PVP and No PVP servers.

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