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Dark Domain, a new MMORPG developed by Eyougame (USS), was just released earlier in May, but has already achieved worldwide popularity. Its recipe for success is tried and tested so you can’t help but notice certain similarities with previous releases in the same genre. Still, Dark Domain brings together a wide range of features, from character choice and development, to gear upgrades, companions, fierce battles, and an outstanding system for social interaction.

In Dark Domain, it actually matters which class (to be linked to “Dark Domain: Guide to Classes and Character Progression) you play. Of course, you can create multiple characters per account, but not all of them will be as good at certain activities as others. For the time being, you can choose between four unique classes. These include the Warrior, for tankiness and consistent damage, the Mage, for burst damage and team dungeons, the Assassin for speedy kills and PvP, and the Ranger, for overpowered AoE attacks. Your playstyle should clearly take precedence as you make your decision, but consider that your class also determines your in-game gender, which might become an issue once you decide to get married.

With unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression, getting a Dark Domain Account will make things easier for you to win the game right off the bat. Buy Cheap Dark Domain Accounts now at, enjoy the best price ever!