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Just in time for the long-awaited launch, Echo of Soul Phoenix players can dive into plenty of new contents and a variety of extras. Additionally, as of now the new class Paladin is available, perfectly rounding out the existing class collection. Just like all other classes in this MMORPG, the close combat class Paladin offers a selection of two different specializations. Using the Crusader skilling, players fire off their enemies with consecutive attacks. Different damping and activation skills allow them to attack enemies nonstop. An additional use of boosting effects and glory makes them nearly invincible. Choosing the Shieldmaiden, on the other hand, allows players to play their Paladin with a group role: blessed defense. As Shieldmaidens, players own extraordinary defense skills using the shield defense. This way, hostile attacks are not only being blocked but also severely weakened. Furthermore, the maximum number of game levels will be increased from 70 to 75. Players can expect numerous new dungeons and raids as well as revised game functions and an improved jewel system. To enhance your adventure and maximize your joy of the game, you are recommended to Buy Cheap Echo of Soul Phoenix Accounts from our list of reputable sellers here at, your transaction remains safe, easy, and secure.