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ACCOUNTS Exitlag Accounts Ratings and Reviews
5.0 out of 5

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Game Description


ExitLag is a VPN software that optimizes data routing to improve the connection between your computer and a game server. ExitLag can help with lag, ping, packet loss, and jitter.

Essentially, ExitLag is akin to a VPN software, specifically for online games. While most VPNs reroute the internet connection for all internet-based applications on your computer, ExitLag does that only for specific games. At the time of writing, the software supports over 100 games, a lot of them being popular titles.

The service uses a proprietary algorithm, and naturally, you have to pay to use it after the three-day trial expires. Contrary to popular belief, the software is more adept at improving packet loss and jtter issues, rather than ping. This is because ping primarily depends on the distance between you and the game server.

ExitLag has seen a rise in popularity, mainly because of its endorsement by popular esports personalities such as FalleN, a CS:GO pro player.

Advantage of Using Exitlag

Improving Game Performance

Beyond optimizing your internet connection, the service also doubles up as a game booster, to improve your game's frames per second (FPS) and game performance. It achieves this by enabling options such as maximum processing priority for games, and disabling performance leeching background processes.

While advanced users can enable all this without having to use ExitLag, the service provides a simple menu that lists all these options in an on/off format, making it easy for the average user.

Currently, ExitL ag is only available for Windows users and the monthly subscription costs $6.50. It also has semi-annual and quarterly plans for reduced monthly costs.

How Does ExitLag Work

As mentioned earlier, ExitLag is basically a VPN software. But one that only affects the connection between your computer and the game server. So, other programs like Spotify, and Chrome will remain unaffected, even though you may be using ExitLag to connect to a game server.

If you have an internet service provider (ISP) that uses bad routing, i.e. you experience packet loss and ping spikes when playing online games, ExitL ag may come in handy. This is because after enabling the service, your computer will connect to the game's servers using ExitLag's own routes and servers. In most cases, this will be an improvement over the route that your ISP uses.

To better explain this, think of internet packets as cars and highways as routes. A highway with less traffic will aid the car in reaching from point A to point B faster, whereas a congested one will slow it down. Similarly, highly congested internet routes slow down packet transfer

and can also result in packets being lost along the way, called packet loss.

ExitL ag redirects your internet packets to a less congested route for more efficient data transfer.

While you may not see a dramatic improvement in your ping, packet loss issues will mostly likely be resolved after enabling the service.

Another major reason for the improvement in your connection to game servers is that ExitLag's dedicated servers have less traffic compared to your ISP's public servers. Through its real-time optimization feature, the service claims to make your connection use the best route possible when gaming.

To further improve stability, ExitLag claims to use what it calls a "Multipath Connection." This basically means that internet packets are transported using multiple routes, so if one becomes too congested or unstable, it automatically switches to one of the other routes.

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