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Details of Z2U balance. What is "Not available Balance"?

What is Z2U balance?

It is an in-station wallet, all the income from selling or profit transferred from affiliate program will be noted into your Z2U balance. 

How to find Z2U balance?

1. Click the top banner 

2. Click "My Balance" in user center. Or access the URL below after login Z2U account. 


Introduction of the categories in Z2U balance.


A. Security deposit: 

To ensure the benefits between platform and users(Include buyers and sellers) and protect the security of orders. Z2U will set up a Security Deposit for the seller who sells some specific products or services. For more information, please refer to this link.

B. Revenue reserve: 

It is a certain percentage deducted from the income of each order, it will be released to the seller's balance if the orders not been disputed in 40 days. For more information, please refer to this link.

C. Not available:

The balance is temporarily unavailable due to order dispute. When the case wins, it will become the available balance. If the case failed, the money in not available balance will be deducted.

D. Available:

These are the balance that you are available to withdraw. It includes the available income from selling products and profit transferred from the affiliate program.

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