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What is Security Deposit?Why I have this?

1. What is Security Deposit? Why we charge it from sellers?

To ensure the benefits between platform and users(Include buyers and sellers) and protect the security of orders. Z2U will set up a Security Deposit for the seller who sells some specific products or services. The deposit value will base on the game popularity ranking, the minimum amount is 100 USD.

The Security Deposit will appear in the balance center, name “Security Deposit”. Once the seller meets the requirement (Mostly it means store credibility improved), the money will be sent back to the seller through the original payment way.


2. How does Z2U charge Security Deposit?

1. Set-up directly on the service application page

When the seller first time submits the application for sale some special products and services, the page will be displayed and remind the seller to pay the security deposit.

2. Access to the recharge page and set-up deposit payment.

3. When will Security Deposit return to me?

1. The seller can request to return the security deposit and retain the boosting&gamepal business sales function when the reserve revenue no less than 5 times of security deposit amount.

For example, Your security deposit is 100 USD and the reserve revenue is 500 USD. You will be able to ask for return the security deposit.

2. The seller’s level is higher than two diamonds and the total order amount is more than 8,000 US dollars, if the seller’s store orders have good reputation, you can contact the merchant service to return the deposit and retain theboosting&gamepal business sales function.

3. The seller terminates the sale of services that require a deposit.

If there is no order for the deposit-requested business, we can directly refund the deposit of 100 US dollars (if there is a handling fee for the original return, it will be borne by the merchant). 

If there are orders related to the deposit-requested business, we will temporarily withhold the corresponding deposit based on the total amount of orders that have been generated. Those withheld parts will be used for the potential order refund, and if there are no disputes with the order, the remaining money can be returned after 3 months.

The security deposit will be returned through the original payment. If you request to return through the non-original payment method, the handling fee will be borne by the seller.

4. Fines of dispute and chargeback cases.

When received a dispute case, the order income will be temporarily blocked from the seller's balance. If the case wins, the funds will be fully returned to the seller's balance; if the case confirmed seller fraud, Z2U reserves the right not to refund the seller's income equal to the disputed amount as a fine. (More details)

For the fraudulent behavior of the seller, after verifying the details, Z2U has the right to deduct all deposits as compensation to the buyer and the platform. If the behavior causes negative influence, Z2U may charge a fine no less than a triple amount of the deposit to the seller.

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