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  • negative
    all accounts are 0 skins, Fortnite ACCOUNTS
    Seller: mpompan
  • positive
    Seller: UGameShop
  • neutral
    Another 0 skinned acc Fortnite ACCOUNTS
    Seller: ClassicBurger
  • negative
    Bro sold me 4 default accounts that were made the same day I bought them this is such a scam please don't buy here You have been warned. Fortnite ACCOUNTS
    Seller: ClassicBurger
  • neutral
    Rip it was empty:( Fortnite ACCOUNTS
    Seller: Tsorta
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Fortnite Black Knight Accounts: simply put, the Black Knight is one of the most coveted costumes to ever be released in Fortnite. As the name suggests, it's the type of skin that could pass off as an armor covered in soot. It's got an armored knight that prominently features a black helm, a black vest, and black pants. Why be normal when you can be legendary? The Black Knight will make your foes green with envy. Known as the Odious Scourge of the Wailing Woods, this coveted Fortnite Black Knight skin is just waiting for you to take it straight into the fray!

Fortnite Renegade Raider Accounts: looking for an OG skin to spice up your battles and victory dances? Then look no further! has the cheapest offers for the rarest accounts featuring the most sought after skins. Browse through our offers today. The Renegade Raider account for sale that you’ve been looking for may very well be there!

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Fortnite Ghoul Trooper Account: Though the Fortnite Ghoul Trooper was released back in 2017, it continues to draw attention. After a short hiatus, it found its way back in the game. The sheer volume of people who don it on the battlefield is a living testament to its enduring charm. As one might come to expect, the Ghoul Trooper has spread out beyond the video game itself. It is prominently featured in collectibles as a cool toy figure, keychain, and stamp—it even has its own Funko Pop! Do yourself a favor and get yourself the stylish skin today by acquiring a Fortnite Ghoul Trooper account.

Fortnite Skull Trooper Accounts: there are two different types of Skull skins: one for the male avatar and one for the female avatar. The male version of the Skull skin, Skull Trooper, is what you're probably the most familiar with. For the female version, it's the Skull Ranger. Both suits are available in white, green, and purple variants. The purple one, in particular, is a version that’s only available for players who first bought the skin when it was first released back in November 2017. If you want to go for the complete look, there’s also the Skull Squad Gear where you can use a ghostly scythe as your axe and a Ghost Portal Back Bling to stuff your goodies. The Ghost Portal was only available to players who completed the challenges for it in Patch v6.02 that came out two years ago, making it a rare cosmetic.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Accounts: the Fortnite Galaxy skin account is one of the most exclusive in the entire game, mostly because it was only available to people who have bought the Samsung Galaxy Series 9 or Note 9 and could obtain the Galaxy skin. This Epic skin looks like a celestial embodiment of what the universe looks like from space.

Fortnite Royale Knight Accounts: what's the point of fighting in a Battle Royale if you can't do so in a royally grandiose style? With a Royale Knight, you can do just that! Make the rest of the field green with envy when you engage them with a prime Royale Knight Fortnite account!

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